The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciouness, The Yellow Ray Course and Retreat at Järna 24-28 Jul 2018

Life is in living what is. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, this is exactly where we need to be, where we learn and grow in consciousness. Our obsessive need for change and inner argument with reality as it is keeps us split and in separation. We lose our energy in inner conflict and struggle, and the outer world becomes a reflection of that. Change does not happen through our attempt to change, but through allowing all inner conflict to melt. Every experience in our life is a door, our suffering and pains as well as our most happy moments. The Seven Doors to Awakened Consciousness offer a deep understanding of how to keep our doors of experiences open.

The Yello Ray

The third course allows grace to open the door to awakening within the yellow ray. Yellow is the colour of the sun, connected to the solar plexus or third chakra. It is related to the sense of self, the right use of will, intellect, intelligence, individuality, healthy boundaries, originality, power, action and performance, determination, decisiveness, authority, joy, charisma, integrity, presence and wisdom.

In unconsciousness, the third chakra gives us the strongest sense of separation through egoic identification. The challenge in the yellow ray relates to fear, control, strategies and defence mechanisms in the attempt to avoid pain. It gives rise to power trips, judgments, blame, comparison, competition, and issues of powerlessness, inferiority and superiority.

Through Aura-Soma, Meditation and Satsang we can become aware and shine the light of love and consciousness unto the patterns of the third chakra. We can meet ourselves with unconditional love, cut through power trips and awaken to reality. We can open to an awareness of the potential within the yellow ray and support our own and other people’s flowering.

Through a direct transmission of presence, we can allow grace to bring consciousness and healing to the third chakra, guiding us towards integrity and a natural power within. Grace can support a melting of all separation and an empowerment of our individuality. As we burn through the misunderstandings of separation we can recognize, honour and appreciate the uniqueness of ourselves and others and assert our individuality. We can find the power to act and make a difference.




About Rahasya

Dr Rahasya Fritjof Kraft is a mystic, physician, spiritual teacher and author who have been working with people for more than 35 years. Meeting his master, Osho in 1980 revolutionized his life and led to a deep understanding of his being. Rahasyas teaching is simple, profound and deeply transformative. At present Rahasya lives in Australia. He shares his love, humour, light and insights in his courses, satsangs, workshops and retreats worldwide. He is also a teacher in "Training for life" at Baravara, Sweden.Rahasyas homepage:


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